Portable Filters & Jug

Removes up to 99% of fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, and other tap water contaminants.  

Here comes a quick and easy solution to contaminated drinking water on the go. The 600ml Mini BMP Waterman makes use of Waters Co’s premium filtration technology, transforming regular tap water into clean and healthy alkaline mineral water.

 Our water purifiers cater to a host of requirements ranging from domestic to commercial. The Mini BMP Waterman filter has been the best performing portable filter on the market for well over a decade. Our line of advanced water filters, are the result of over 35 years of continuous research and development, making sure we are addressing new issues affecting drinking water quality. 

Say goodbye to rust, bad odors, sediments, heavy metals, chemicals and bacteria. In addition to our top performing portable water filter, all our products are made with BPA, BPS, toxin free, and non-leeching materials for your peace of mind. 

Our lifetime warranty shows our commitment to customer satisfaction. Each product was also designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, because healthy drinking water shouldn’t have to be out of reach for the average consumer. At around two cents per litre we’re less than 100th of the cost of inferior bottled water.

When it comes to you and your family, anything less than clean, safe water won’t do. Give them the best drinking water with the Mini BMP Waterman. Easy to use, our water bottle with filter refills in minutes. On-the-go water filtration has never been so convenient. 

This portable water purifier boasts a superior filtration system that leaves nothing to chance. With layers of activated carbon, alkaline minerals, and magnets, it re-mineralises water and sifts through impurities for amazing drinking water. 

And the best part? The whole filtration process takes a matter of minutes. All you need to do is kick back and enjoy the benefits of this product. That’s what makes it so perfect for your daily routine.

Did we say it was cost-effective?  Cut back on wasteful, shop-bought plastic bottles with our travel water filter on hand. Every purchase comes with a filter set good for up to 3 months – that’s equivalent of up to 400 litres of water, depending on water quality. 

A fine balance between design and functionality truly sets this product apart. Our water bottle’s sleek and simple design makes it a wonderful addition to your daily essentials.  Just like your phone or wallet, you shouldn’t leave the house without it. 

Our Mini BMP Waterman is a lightweight, travel-friendly water bottle with filter for those who are constantly on the move. The portable water filter cartridge makes use of patented filtration technology to eliminate contaminants and ionise plain old tap water. No electricity required! Now you can enjoy the benefits of clean and re-mineralised water throughout the day. 

Durable, compact, and easy to carry, this water purifier bottle should have a place in your day bag. Take it to the gym, office, or your next weekend getaway. Keep it in the car, camper, or fridge for quick access to clean drinking water anytime, anywhere. 

 The Mini BMP Waterman comes in two colors – black and blue – to suit each taste. The simple and practical design makes it a great filter drink bottle for a variety of settings. A must have for international and local travel, gym or yoga session, work or school. 

The replaceable filter is good for up to three months, or for around 400 litres of water. Waters Co offers replacement packs of three filter cartridges for your convenience. 

Move one step closer to plastic-free living and avoid ingesting harmful micro plastics that are present in many shop-bought bottles. 

Here at Waters Co, we’re mindful of our impact on the environment. Our travel water filter minimises landfill and waste from single use drinking bottles. Each filter can replace around 500 plus 600ml disposable bottles, making our products the more sustainable and affordable choice. 

We also know that our business is only as good as the people who support us, which is why we make sure that our containers are non-toxic BPA and BPS-free. Waters Co products were designed with the health-conscious buyer in mind, so they don’t give off harmful chemicals that can compromise your well-being or the environment’s.    

We’re committed to making clean, safe, and healthy drinking water readily available to those who lead modern and active lifestyles. Stay hydrated without having to worry about water quality. 

Moreover, the magnetised and ionised water (activated water), as produced by our products, helps hydrates the your cells and promotes cellular regeneration.  No tap connection or electricity necessary. Just fill it up and enjoy clean, wholesome water as you please. 

Get ready for a healthier and more energetic you. All it takes is our advanced filtration system and a promise to deliver to you the best portable water purifier in the market.